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E-Loan (Online Mortgages)

Homepage E-Loan

The Project:

The co-operation between Xcontrol and the American based company E-loan, is a case study in Xcontrol's application of programming expertise to create rapid market expansion. It is in strategic partnerships with over 40 companies and in joint ventures in Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. E-Loan offers mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and small business loans on line. Over 50,000 credit products are available. A comprehensive set of tools and information gives customers everything they need to select the right product. Personalised loan status information and account management help customers manage their debt. E-Loan operates both as a mortgage broker and mortgage lender

Xcontrol worked with E-Loan to define and implement the business model appropriate to the European market. From that understanding they produced the first version of the operational site for E-loan Germany. Systems for Spain, Italy, France and Sweden followed. Each system has independent safeguards to assure the specialised mortgage and reporting requirements of that country are met. The system promotes a personalised customer relationship. Xcontrol specializes in developing the data base structure and dynamic links that is at the heart of the system's ability to give customers access to the latest information and calculated results. The local E-Loan office manages design and update of the html pages displayed to the public.

The Technology:

  • Webserver: Apache/Tomcat (Sun Sparc, Solaris)
  • Database: Oracle 8i
  • JAVA Runtime: JDK 1.3 (Java Servlets, JSP)
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